Working Together and Keeping it Local

TREATS is located in a wonderfully unique community. There are no chain stores permitted in our town. All retail businesses, restaurants, farms and wineries are locally owned.   We try very hard to help each other and cross promote each other’s businesses and local events.  

This year for example, TREATS collaborated with Three Forks Bakery and Brewing Company to create an ice cream flavor using their Stout Beer and Gingerbread. We worked with Leo and Deb Chapman of Harmony Valley Farm to produce our Rhubarb Sorbet and with Jo Mcproud and Alan Haight of Riverhill Farm to make our Sweet Red Pepper/Strawberry Sorbet.

Local Author of Living Wild,Alicia Funk encouraged the development of our wild -sourced Native Bay Ice Cream and Douglas Fir Sorbet.   Our Coffee Broaster Ice Cream uses beans locally roasted by FoxHound Coffee Boasters.   For our Raspberry /Chardonnay sorbet we used wine from local wine merchant BYOB and Raspberries from Mounty Bounty farm.   We trade wonderful photographs for ice cream with Outside Innowner Erin Thiem.

Come by to try a taste of collaboration. TREATS is located at in Downtown Nevada City CA.