TREATS-made with Straus Family Dairy products

We  are proud to use Straus Family Creamery products because their certified organic dairy products are Non-GMO Project Verified, certified kosher and gluten free. Their cows graze on pastures in good weather and we give them only 100% organically grown feeds.  Their cows are never treated with growth hormones or antibiotics. No additives, fillers or artificial ingredients are ever used in any of our delicious organic milk and dairy products. No wonder they all taste so good

They’ve kept their recipe as simple as possible, so that chefs and artisanal ice-cream makers can apply their own artistry to creating unique and specialized ice creams.  Straus Family Creamery Organic Ice-Cream Base is an ingredient used by ice-cream makers and pastry chefs who want to produce their own flavors of organic ice cream in batch freezers.

Because Straus Organic Ice-Cream Base contains 14% fat and the highest-quality custard ingredients – just Organic Cream, Organic Milk, sweet-cream buttermilk, organic sugar and organic egg yolk s– there is ample room for creativity in flavors, texture and add-ins.

Making ice cream first requires the production of a basic pasteurized custard base, in which milk, cream, sugar, and egg yolks are heated together until the base reaches a specific temperature. Pasteurization of ice cream is required by the State of California for businesses selling ice-cream products to the public. State law also requires that an ice-cream making business become a state-certified pasteurizer. As an alternative to becoming a state-certified pasteurizer, ice-cream makers and shop owners can use Straus Organic Ice Cream Base.